Posted by: patriciamar | January 19, 2010

Something about Britain’s Talent

There is something about Britain’s talent that makes me tear up.  Susan Boyle and the little girl who sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow… Sometimes one person can revive so many things.

When I first ran into the YouTube video of Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed a Dream, I was just so happy for her.  This is the woman that brought the word frumpy back from the dead, and here she is- singing a song from Les Miserable, a show that only the most devout have actually seen; wearing a frumpy dress and doing an almost obscene hip shake- yet this is exactly the type of person that they- we- have all been looking for.  Rather than some young kid who (although, I am sure they really do have talent) is going to be a millionaire by 25, this is a lady who has been singing in the church choir and on family holidays.  AND – when they asked her who she wanted to be as famous as… she didn’t say some world famous star, she gave the name of some British broadway star.  Now that I look at her wikipedia page, I can see that Elaine Paige is quite well-known- but still, that is not the point.  The point is that Susan Boyle did not respond with Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion.  If you asked a teenager on American Idol the same question, a young country singer, maybe, they would most certainly say, Faith Hill or Reba McEntire, and never- let’s say- Suzy Bogguss.

It kind of makes you think about the underlying dreams in your own life.  If you had your chance… would you go as far as Paris Hilton? or even just Kate Hudson? or would you be happy as Leelee Sobieski?  or maybe Rita Wilson, she’s always nice…

If I want to be a writer, what kind of writer would I want to be?  Definitely not Candace Bushnell.  I’m sure she is black-listed by a large part of the world, whether she has sex in the city or not.  Nor would I want to be someone like Nicholas Sparks.  Too many people make fun of him.   Although I don’t  do much screenwriting, maybe Nora Ephron.  If you watch a certain genre of movies, she is always there, the writer behind the big names.  I can only dream of a like like Nick Hornby’s… Getting paid to write a column about the books he buys, the ones he reads, and the ones he never gets around to… what a life!

Whatever your area- Who would you be?


  1. I would be…. a gainfully employed, less stressed out version of myself! And Natalie Portman if that didn’t work out. She is awesome. Or Drew Barrymore maybe. Except I don’t act. But if I did. Absolutely. OR. Julia Child. Have you seen Julie and Julia? You must.

    And!! yes to guest blogs, absolutely. And yes to sending you some writing (send me feedback!). I’ll do it soon. You should send me some of yours to read as well.

    (P.S. I haven’t seen the little girl but Susan Boyle breaks my heart she’s so good.)


  2. […] “Wandering Canalside.”  I dream of being as well-received as Jennifer Weiner like Susan Boyle dreamed of Elaine Paige.  Hey, it could happen, […]


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