Posted by: patriciamar | November 17, 2009

A wish for a winter wonderland

The Dutch winter just makes me tired.  It is, overall, quite different from the Minnesota winter.  It is not as cold, and there really isn’t any snow, but there is something secret about it.  I think you might have to grow up here in order to really understand it.   Chilly evenings of candles, sweatshirts, & slippers; drinking warme chocolade and eating appel gebak; and the sound of rain, constant rain. 

Maybe some hail as well.

None of this is all bad, I usually just picture black ice, unreal windchill, and snow coming in the top of my boots and I don’t feel too bad about the Dutch winter…

But then there is the sun.

I understand that I am not from the equator or anything, so I shouldn’t really be complaining, but here! Here, the sun seems to retire to the southern hemisphere by Halloween and we’re in for gray skies and darkness for the next four months.  Maybe five.  Last year, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was able to adjust and handle the dark and rainy winter.  This year may be a bit different.  It is only November 17th and I am longing for the sun.  Even if it is being reflected off of the snow.

I have a feeling the difference might have something to do with the huge windows in our last apartment that looked out from the eighth floor.  Our new apartment does have two huge windows, but I think that the sun is only able to sneak past the opposite row of houses for about two hours per day.  Consider the fact that in January we average something like eight hours of sunlight for the entire month, and it’s not looking good. 

I have decided to combat the darkness by permanently keeping a pot of soup boiling on the stove, baking cranberry bread for breakfast, and pretending that Christmas encompasses winter, rather than winter including Christmas.

Matt is actually quite supportive of my actions.  Something about not minding fresh bread everyday and chili on Sundays for football. 

Whatever keeps the sun metaphorically shining.

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