Posted by: patriciamar | November 6, 2009

A Cat Street

We are now living on a cat street.  This is quite new for me, but while the cat is not my favorite animal, these particular cats seem to be quite pleasant.  Wolfie is the cat that we see most often.  Wolfie, short for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (obviously), is the cat of our landlord, who lives above us.  Wolfie is one of the most pleasant cats I have ever known.  He is very quiet, takes care of himself without being too needy, and on moving day, when we were busy hauling things in and out and our doors were wide open, he sat politely at the side of the door, leaning to glance in every once in a while, but for heaven’s sake, never entering.  How polite.

There is also another orange cat which we call the Fattail cat.  This cat lives across the street in a big house where there is another fat-tailed cat that we call the Brown Fattail Cat.  The Fattail cat is normally found sitting on the top of the car that is parked in front of our apartment.  Actually, it is many times staring into our apartment, but we do eat a lot of fish, so perhaps this is why.  The Faittail cat also frequently attempts to climb the small gangly tree that grows in front of our apartment.  Overall, it does not usually have much success.  The tree is not all that sturdy, and the cat’s tail isn’t the only thing that’s fat.

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