Posted by: patriciamar | November 3, 2009

How Garrison Keillor Saved My Minnesotahood

You know, I never really liked Garrison Keillor. Overall, he looked pretty weird, wore red socks, and always told stories about some midwestern town called Lake Wobegon- and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even sure where that was located.

Then, a few years ago, Matt’s aunt had tickets to see Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, and Matt and I were kindly invited along. Within a few moments, I had undergone a transformation. Not only was I laughing more than I had in a long time (in my office based life…), but I realized that after all this time, I was really Minnesotan.

And I mean really Minnesotan.

I got all the jokes (which not everyone does, by the way), I could insert a family member, relative, or friend into any skit and expect the same result, and I started to think it was kind of funny that Garrison Keillor always wears red socks for a radio program.

So here I am. Living in the Netherlands, and writing about Minnesota. The merry midwest. And wondering how I ever thought I could identify better with any other place.


  1. Garrison Keillor must be an acquired taste… I used to play my Faith Hill and Britney Spears CDs as loud as possible on my awesome discman to drown out the sound of GK tapes on family road trips to Sioux Center and Spirit Lake.

    Only now do I realize what I was missing.

    Also, I am SO SO SO glad you’re doing NaNoWriMo!!! Do you have a topic already? And characters? Oh my gosh, I hope you’re enjoying every second. And that your apartment is as wonderful as it sounds. And that you have plenty of coffee and hot chocolate and regular chocolate and are making stroopwaffel pie frequently.


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