Posted by: patriciamar | October 21, 2009

Pieces of a Small World

In the Kupang airport, waiting for a flight to Denpasar (Bali) we managed to run into four people (two couples) that we knew.  The first was a guy and his partner who lived at our homestay in Kalabahi.  They were in Alor buying cashews to sell to India and seaweed to make gelatin and pudding throughout Indonesia.  The second couple was French and stayed at La Petite Kepa while we were there.  I actually went snorkeling with them the week before.  Unfortunately, he was stung by a sea urchin that day.  (The same day that I ripped my foot open on some coral).

Although it is not like the Kupang airport is a happening place, we managed to have a pretty fun day seeing people we knew and meeting other friendly people at the internet cafe (where there was no internet) and at the outdoor cafe, where Matt wowed the staff by eating three pizzas. (They were only about three inches in diameters, so it wasn’t really all that amazing).  Maybe they don’t eat much pizza.

Also, another odd coincidence- Practically as I wrote this, Matt’s uncle from Vienna was attending a conference on languages from remote areas (at least I think that was what the conference was on) and he would be attending a lecture made by Matt’s current supervisor from Leiden University.

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