Posted by: patriciamar | October 6, 2009


Ahhh, my favorite group of artistic performers…

Well, not exactly artistic performs in the traditional sense, but still, quality performers through and through.  As you know, (and as many of you probably disparage…) the people of the Netherlands do things a little differently.

Earlier last month, the public transportations system in the Netherlands, including buses, trains, trams, light rail, and metro, made the switch from paper strippenkaart (strip tickets) to an electronic system using a plastic transportation card.  This is a step that many cities around the world have made (including Minneapolis, recently) to update their system of payment to be easier, more automated, and to include less change-giving for the drivers and conductors of transit vehicles.

Just to make sure that citizens of the country remembered the big day to switch, the Dutch stationed Chippendales employeessporting t-shirts stating, “Ik stop met strippen,” you can roughly translate this as, I no longer strip.  But English just doesn’t do it justice.

Perhaps more countries should use such creative ways to get the point across…


For the full article, go to:

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