Posted by: patriciamar | September 11, 2009

The last few days of Alor

The flight has been purchased!  We leave Alor this Sunday at noonish and head to Kupang.  We will stay one night in Kupang, where we will enjoy the satisfaction of sleeping in an air-conditioned room for the first time in a loooonnnnnggg time.  At least it feels that way.

In Kupang, we will inevitably visit Pantai Laut which is a bar/discotec that is owned by Robin, a cousin of Pak Kris who is a friendly, bubbling Indonesian entrepreneur… Here, it seems that it is all about knowing people and the people they know.

Then to Bali!  Where there will be more air-conditioning, white sand beaches, surfing, hopefully numerous massages, refrigeration (at least substantially more than here), and Pizza Hut, from what I hear.

For now, we are packing and trying to do the few things that we were always going to do but have not yet done.

First, we will hopefully go to the Kalabahi museum tomorrow.

We also hope to climb up our road up the hill to take pictures of the bay.

I also have plans to go down to the harbor tonight to buy more delicious fuzzy green things that burst with palm sugar juice when you eat them.

& lastly, we are hoping to locate some of this Alor coffee that people talk about… we are yet to find out if this actually exists, and if so, where to buy it…

Overall, I think we will have an enjoyable last few days.  On Wednesday night, my dreams came true and it poured rain for several hours, leaving the air so fresh that I slept through the whole night and turned the fan off about half way through.  It was almost chilly! (Yeah, right- but it may have dropped below 70.) (Maybe).

Then, on Thursday night, the husband of one of the doctors who lives in our homestay came for a long visit from Jakarta and he brought…

Stuffed Crust Pizza!

I know, sad, but we have practically been talking about pizza non-stop for the last week, so it was a very welcome surprise.

On a side note, the Meat Lover’s had hotdogs on it…

ahhh, Mexico.


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