Posted by: patriciamar | September 6, 2009

Dark green leafy vegetables

Matt and I were very excited to try some new food while we were at La Petite Kepa.  Meals are included (quite obviously, since there is almost nothing else and no one else on the tiny island).  So far, we have confirmed that lunch and dinner on Kepa, on Alor, maybe on most smaller islands in Indonesia, consist of several basic things.

Rice is the most critical, and then fish, usually fried in small chunks with or without bones (though sometimes grilled or boiled in a type of broth).  Lastly is some type of dark green and leafy vegetable, usually spinach, cooked with garlic.  I am not sure exactly what the necessary climate is for growing spinach, but they must have an enormous amount here.  We eat spinach almost every meal, and if not spinach, another vegetable that is not spinach, but looks a lot like it except tastes more bitter.

So there you have it, Indonesian small island food:  Fried chunks of fish, rice, and spinach or alternate dark green vegetable… Not surprisingly, I feel like we are quite healthy here.

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