Posted by: patriciamar | September 4, 2009


I think I may have died and gone to heaven.  Simultaneously, I have found the pieces of Indonesia that people travel miles to see…

We arrived around one o’clock in the afternoon, the heat of the day, so the trek here was like taking a daytrip across the surface of the sun.  Even the boat ride in our motor assisted canoe with bamboo floaters was struggling as it bucked waves across the channel.

Then we arrived, and I am certain that my life will never be quite the same.  There is a constant breeze, almost no bugs, a shaded bungalow for meals, tea, coffee, and water, fresh ocean air that I think could (and did) bring me back to life, and the sound of waves covering every ojek motor, goat, deer, rooster, and voice- leaving us with absolute peace  (Or as close as you can get while in Indonesia).

Unbelievably, I had even been here before.  Early last week we came to make a reservation and take a look around.  I suppose taking a look around in my proper (sleeved) Indonesian shirt is not the same as putting on my swimsuit and lying in a hammock for three days.

From where I sit in my hammock, slightly swaying in the ocean breeze, I can see a spectrum of ocean from absolutely crystal clear, to a deep blue at the coast of the neighboringisland a kilometer away.

There aren’t many sandy parts of the beach, just coral.  Coral Everywhere.  Mostly white or black, but sometimes blue or red as well.  You can watch the tide rise and fall about 100 meters each day.  It melts back throughout the afternoon so that every evening at sunset you can stand in what was the middle of the ocean just a few hours before, and watch the sunset over the mountains of Pantar Island.


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