Posted by: patriciamar | August 10, 2009

Moving by Bike

In case you were wondering, Matt and I are currently moving all of our binnenNederland possessions from our Smaragdlaan apartment to a storage unit in Wassenaar, about 5 kilometers away from Leiden.  We, of course, have no car, no bicycle trailer, and are way too cheap to rent a car or take a taxi.

So.  We are moving by bike.  Although this seems difficult, it actually isn’t as bad as it could be.  I think my last day on 5th street before moving to Mexico was certainly worse… perhaps because of the infamous ‘open bottle of Frank’s in a garbage full of papers and clothes’ incident.  Shoot.  Moving by bike is mostly just a slow process.  It consists mostly of filling up a pack (each) each day, filling my bike bags, tying numerous things to our bikes in a variety of ways, and then taking a nice 15 minute bike ride past canals, cows, horses, one pony, a field of flowers, and a nice old lady who we see cycling every single day on this route.  It’s really quite lovely.  I think that looking back it will probably be one of the most pleasant moving experiences of my life.

Except for yesterday when I carried four plastic patio chairs and a giant box of winter clothing a kilometer to the bus stop, just before missing the bus, waiting for the next bus, and then carrying it another half mile to the storage unit.  But this was just the heavy day, so I’m going to block it out.

Happy moving!  Only four days to go!

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