Posted by: patriciamar | August 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Euphoria

I love Sunday mornings when you wake up and have a whole day of freedom ahead of you.  This type of Sunday doesn’t come along very often, but when it does, it is like a euphoria sets over the whole day.  You can turn on the Twins, with the lull of Dick and Bert (and maybe a bit of Coomer) drifting you back to sleep, or you can get up just to put in a puddle of egg bake, which will of course come out perfectly delicious 45 lovely minutes later.  If it’s an extra good morning, you turn on the computer (computer for me, cell phone for you) to hear a few messages from friends and family that came overnight.  It is always a great day if there is at least one from around midnight MN or Boston time!

After reading some Nick Hornby, eating toast with jonge kaas and Frank’s, and maybe a hand of Canasta, you really forget that there are other days of the week at all.  Only Sundays- a little cloudy, a salty ocean breeze, and Regina Spektor on the radio.  It’s just too bad that these days don’t come around more often.

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