Posted by: patriciamar | July 20, 2009


Speaking for the majority of the world (if I may), I never really thought British people used “Cheerio” as an actual greeting.  But, sure enough, they do.

The first bus ride from the Exeter airport into Exeter, at the first stop, one of the three older women from the back seat got off the bus with a “Cheerio!” to her gal pals.  It was completely real and just made me smile.

Another notably jolly item was the Exeter airport itself.  We got off the plane using the stairs, which isn’t all that unusual for the discount European airlines, but then you look out onto an airfield- complete with about a dozen of those mini-planes that are used for tours of Rock County during Buffalo Days.  Our plane with four across, forty-eight seats total, basically dwarfed all the others.  Turning towards the “airport” (yes, it really does need quotes) you see a tan tin shed with a six inch by 18 inch sign:


It was quaintly ghetto, if this is possible.

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