Posted by: patriciamar | May 11, 2009


Today at the C1000, our local Leiden grocery store, I witnessed a slightly bizarre event.  As I waited in line to check out, a girl came rollerblading into the automatic gate of the grocery store with two bananas in her hand.  Naturally, she rollerbladed over to the fruit section.  At this point, I was quite confused as to whether she was returning the bananas (perhaps not paid for?) or looking to purchase more bananas.  It is also important to note that Dutch women are quite tall.  On Rollerblades, this young woman was probably standing at about 6 feet 3 inches.

She then continued through the fruit section (again – this was all on rollarblades) and weighed her fruit, printed a sticker, and then rollarbladed over to the check out line.  At this point, I was thinking, okay, so she is buying bananas- this is normal – but why did she bring her own bananas into the store to buy???

But wait- she then continued rollerblading past the other customers in the check-out line up to the register.

Ahhh… I see.  It all comes together.  She was in line already, just forgot to print a sticker for her bananas, so it was easier to go out and back in, then back through the busy check-out line.  Makes perfect sense.


Except for the Rollerblade part.

Just another normal Dutch day.

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