Posted by: patriciamar | March 6, 2009

Purble Place

I admit that I am addicted to Purble Place.

Yes, I know that this is just a game that comes on the computer and that it is made for children but Purble Place Memory… Wow.  It’s the perfect break when I am tired of reading for my thesis, or writing my thesis, or after I get back from working out, or in the morning when I wake up (great jumpstarter, you know?), or while I am waiting for the spaghetti to boil, or when I am waiting for Matt to get done in the bathroom before I can get ready for bed.

Or when I can’t sleep at night.

Because I am too preoccupied with thinking about my average win score in Purble Place Memory (41%) currently.

Well, I’d better go now.  Maybe a quick game before we eat.

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