Posted by: patriciamar | February 4, 2009

Dancing in the Moonlight just outside of Room Eleven

Dancing in the Moonlight really makes my heart soar.  And I haven’t even actually danced in the moonlight with Dancing in the Moonlight.

I have a friend who wishes she were born a few centuries back… you know, so she could actually be Jane Austen rather than simply reading her books and watching Becoming Jane in every spare moment.  I think I would prefer to have been born in the fifties.  Wouldn’t it be nice to actually wear go-go boots.  In all honesty, I’m actually not sure what a go-go boot looks like.  And I’m not actually sure if the fifties were the right era to wear them.  But they sound great.  I bet they were always dancing in the moonlight in go-go boots in the fifties.

This past Wednesday, we went to a Room Eleven concert, bought a cd afterwards and got to meet Janne Schra and the adorable and super talented men in the band.  I was so happy that my heart was again soaring.  What a cute little Dutch girl and what a wonderful voice.  I cannot wait to get the next cd and I recommend that you all do the same as well.  I am particularly fond of La, La, Love;  Hey, Hey, Hey; and Lovely Morning.  I hope that they bring you joy too.

I hope the previous paragraph was cheesy enough for you Melissa.  I wrote it specifically for you.  Because you loathe bloggers… Although who could blame you really, people blabbering on about their day, what they ate for breakfast and how they felt when they first heard that fabulous song, Dancing in the Moonlight.  Why would anyone read that kind of nothing???

Yet we have to.

W have to watch the head roll and we feel the need to write 25 things about ourselves and our habits and post it on Facebook.  (I’d like to note that this week has been particularly nauseating).  Misschien (perhaps) later I will elaborate on the Facebook hot sheet and how it plays an integral role in my life here in Leiden.


  1. yes, that paragraph was indeed cheesy enough for me. You know how I can’t stand to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But thanks for thinking of me anyway… and I promise to loathe bloggers just slightly less than I did before…


  2. Admit it! You like the 25 things! I’m waiting for yours… maybe Matt should write a set too so your Facebook will have 50 fun facts in total. Since your facebook and blog are separate you could always include seeing tractors and backhoes in Leiden. One down, forty-nine to go.

    And… speaking of Jane Austen, my little gave me the collected works for Christmas. Best. thing. ever!


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