Posted by: patriciamar | December 8, 2008


The first day of the last week of the first semester of a master’s programme would be the perfect day to start writing…

And thus, here we are, if all were to go swimmingly, you could expect a nice blurb each day from now until the end… but no, it is more likely that I will write when I can and as much as can without being forceful about it at all.  Perhaps in the future I will demonstrate more reliability and dedication, but for now, I will be dedicated to relaxing and enjoying Life in Leiden.

Ahhh… the life.

Currently, I am sipping tea, which- by the way, is 100% caffeine free.  Apparently, my husband thinks that a caffeinated me is just too much for him to handle late at night.  It might be because I get a little out of control and tend to accidentally wake him up with a bump of the elbow or a stretch of the leg, but moving on, I am drinking tea, eating stroopwafels, and contemplating my strategy for making a caramel apple stroopwafel pie.  I do realize that this is a bit redundant because a stroopwafel has caramel in it already, but I figure that a bit extra in the form of Mijn Oma caramel sauce could never hurt anything.  If the pie is a success, expect a recipe in the near future.

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